Car Body Repair

Had an accident? Repairs by unprofessional or inexperienced technicians can lead to diminished performance and can be dangerous and not to mention the aggravation of it all.

We use only the best trained and certified technicians for all your automobile needs. We use the newest and most modern equipment to save you money and time, and still obtain professional results. Dents can often be removed and repaired without expensive paintwork. Windshield chipped, hail damage? No problem! Computer generated and detailed cost estimates can also be done upon request before any repairs are made. All costs and charges are then clear to see and easy to understand. Professional digital photographs of the damages can also be made for documentation and later use.

Inspection, i.e.; TÜV & AU (emission test)

Why hassle with it? Just give us a call at 0631-999 51 71
If any work or repairs are necessary we can, after contacting you, affect all the repairs needed to pass inspection. 

Emission tests are required in Germany and can also be taken care of in the same uncomplicated and quick manner, saving you further costs for extra and needless appointments.

Tire Change and Service

We carry a complete inventory to accommodate all your tire needs. We also carry many other various auto accessories such as trailer couplings, shocks, batteries, rims, mags, etc.

When your car has to go in the shop.

Whether your car has to be inspected or taken for a repair, it’s as easy as calling the above listed number or sending an email to

We will pick up your car and deliver it to the address of your choice.

All this at an outstanding price with outstanding service.